National Lottery Raffle FAQ

Question: When did the first National Lottery Raffle take place?
The first South Africa National Lottery Raffle was held on Friday 30th December 2016.

Question: How often will the Raffle be held?
Although exact dates have not yet been set, draws are expected to take place at least twice each year.

Question: When will the next draw be held?
The date for the next draw has yet to be announced. Visit the Raffle page for more information.

Question: How much do tickets cost?
The cost of tickets depends on the draw. They are priced at R20, R25 or R50 each.

Question: Where and when can I buy tickets?
Tickets for South Africa Raffle draws are available to buy online or from any authorised South Africa National Lottery retailer. The minimum sales period for each game will be 60 days.

Question: How much can I win in the Raffle?
Raffle prizes, and the number of winners, can vary between draws. There is no fixed amount to be won.

Question: What sort of luxury prizes are on offer?
Jackpot winners from past Raffle draws have been awarded prizes such as a Mini Cooper Convertible, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, R1 million cash payment and R2 million to buy a house. The luxury prize, and number of jackpot winners, can change between draws.

Question: How many prizes are available in the Raffle?
Each Raffle is different and the prizes will be announced in advanced. Visit the Raffle page to see the full prize breakdowns.

Question: What time do Raffle draws take place?
There is no set date and time for draws, and they can be held at different stages throughout a year. For example, three previous Raffles have been held in December with one in May.

Question: What are the odds of winning the Raffle jackpot?
The odds of winning can alter between draws, depending on the number of prizes available and how many tickets are sold. For information about the odds of winning the game’s various cash prizes, visit the Raffle page.

Question: How do I win a prize?
By purchasing a Raffle ticket, players are given a unique code which is entered into a pool. If this code is amongst those drawn on the night, the player automatically wins a prize.

Question: How old do I have to be to play?
You must be at least 18 years of age to buy Raffle tickets.

Question: Are Raffle winnings taxed?
No. However, players from outside of South Africa may be liable for tax depending on their country of residence. If in doubt, players should seek the advice of an independent tax expert.