UK49's Lunchtime

UK49’s Lunchtime is a lottery draw that takes place every day in the UK. See the most recent Lunchtime result below, as well as information on the rules of the draw, how prizes work and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the game. Go to the UK49's Teatime page for information about the other daily 49’s draw.

Lunchtime Results for Today

Saturday, 13 July 2024

How to Play UK49's Lunchtime

UK49’s Lunchtime is a draw game where six main numbers and a Booster Ball are drawn from a pool of 1 to 49. Your goal is to match numbers with those randomly selected in a given draw.

The game differs from other lotteries in two key ways. Firstly, there is no fixed ticket cost. Instead, you choose how much you want to bet, with the size of your bet determining how much you could win.

Secondly, you can choose how many numbers you want to try and match, from one to five. This lets you play the game however you want, whether you want to win a smaller prize for matching just one of the numbers or a substantial sum for matching all five. The catch is that in order to win, you have to match all the numbers you pick. If you pick three numbers, you must match all three, and you would not win a prize for matching any fewer.

Playing from South Africa

As a UK draw game, 49’s Lunchtime cannot be played in retail betting shops in South Africa. It can, however, be played online from South Africa and other countries the world over. Read on to find out how you can play UK49’s Lunchtime online:

Looking for and edge when it comes to entering the lunchtime draw? Then you can use the prediction service offered by who use all the mathematical data from past draws to try and calculate which numbers will be drawn next. They use data from every single draw in 49s history to see which numbers have been picked regularly after those that came up in the last draw to predict which could be next.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

UK49’s Lunchtime draws do not have fixed prizes. Instead, they use a “pure odds” prize structure, where the amount you bet and the odds of winning directly affect the prize you win. If you were to bet R10 on matching two numbers in a six-number draw at odds of 66/1, for instance, you could win R660.

You must choose to enter either the six-number draw or the seven-number draw. Seven-number draws incorporate the Booster Ball, giving you an extra number to match yours with. The odds are shorter in a seven-number draw, as it is easier to win, but the returns are also lower. For example, if you wagered R10 on matching two numbers in a seven-number draw, you would win R450, but in a six-number draw, the same bet would win you R660.

UK49's Lunchtime Prizes and Odds
Prize Division Approximate Odds (6-Number Draw) Return (R10 Wager) Approximate Odds (7-Number Draw) Return (R10 Wager)
Pick 5 150,000/1 R1,500,000 50,000/1 R500,000
Pick 4 8,000/1 R80,000 4,500/1 R45,000
Pick 3 650/1 R6,500 328/1 R3,280
Pick 2 66/1 R660 45/1 R450
Pick 1 6/1 R60 5/1 R50

The odds in each prize division are decided by the betting organisation, meaning they may be longer or shorter than those above. Learn the odds offered by the organisation of your choice before proceeding.


If you have any remaining questions about 49’s lunchtime, you may be able to find the answer below. If you have any questions about playing other lotteries in South Africa, go to the FAQs page.

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+ When do UK49's Lunchtime draws take place?

49’s Lunchtime draws take place at 12:49 in the UK. However, as the UK observes Daylight Saving Time, the draw time local to South Africa changes every March and October. See the table below to find out when draws take place throughout the year.

UK49's Draw Schedule
Start Date End Date Draw Time In UK Draw Time In South Africa
Last Sunday in March Last Sunday in October 12:49 BST 13:49
Last Sunday in October Last Sunday in March 12:49 GMT 14:49
+ How much is the jackpot?

49’s Lunchtime does not offer a jackpot prize. Instead, prize amounts are generated by the amount you bet on your numbers and the odds of them matching in a draw. The largest possible prize you could win depends on the largest amount the betting organisation of your choice allows you to stake on an outcome in 49’s Lunchtime.

+ How much do tickets cost?

There is no fixed entry cost to 49’s Lunchtime. You can choose how much you would like to bet, up to the maximum stake allowed by your provider.

+ What do "six-number game" and "seven-number game" mean?

Choosing between a six-number game and a seven-number game means you are choosing whether or not to include the Booster Ball as a number to match. In a six-number game, you can only match with the six main numbers, giving you longer odds but the chance to win larger prizes. A seven-number game allows you to match with the Booster Ball, giving shorter odds and smaller prizes.

+ When did UK49's Lunchtime start?

49’s Lunchtime started alongside UK49’s Teatime in 1996, in response to the success of the UK’s National Lottery launch two years prior. The draw initially took place Monday to Saturday, but a Sunday draw was introduced in 2000.