You can win big prizes in an instant with Eaziwin games. Unlike other lotteries, you don’t have to wait for a draw to take place; just pick a game and check your receipt to see if you have won. Learn more about Eaziwin games, including the various different types and how you can play in-store and online.

You can play Eaziwin games online or at any National Lottery retailer. As they are not draw games, there is no cut-off time for sales. Follow these steps to take part:


If you win a prize, a message will pop up telling you how much you have won. The prize money will be deposited into your online lottery account automatically if it is below R50,000. If you win more than this you will need to contact Ithuba to claim the money. See the How to Claim page for more information.


When you hand your playcard to the cashier, they will scan the barcode on the terminal and you will be given a game receipt featuring several random numbers or symbols. To win a prize, the numbers or symbols on the back of your playcard must match those on your receipt.

Eaziwin games are subject to change so the available options may not always be the same every time you play. The cost of entry is shown on the front of each playcard and will range between games.

How to Claim Eaziwin Prizes

You can claim prizes instantly with Eaziwin, as you don’t have to wait for a draw to take place. If you play online and win an amount up to R50,000, the money will be credited to your player account. If you play in-store, you can claim up to R2,000 from any retailer, while you need to go to a post office to receive between R2,000 and R50,000.

For any award of R50,000 or more, you need to go to one of Ithuba's regional offices to claim your money. You have 365 days to claim your prize from the day you bought the playcard or played online.

Eaziwin Games

There are a variety of Eaziwin games with different rules and themes. Some of the games are based on South Africa’s heritage while others are inspired by international themes. Ithuba releases new games from time to time and can cancel them at its own discretion – here are some examples of Eaziwin games:

Eaziwin Games
Game Information
Balloon Bonanza In this colourful game the numbers on the playcard are all shown inside balloons – red, green, blue, purple or yellow. If the numbers on your game receipt match enough balloons of the same colour, you can win up to R100,000.
Popa Feela The playcard shows six dice, with a number on either side of each one. If two of the numbers on your receipt match the numbers printed on either side of any dice, you win the associated prize. The prize for matching the numbers alongside the 'Six' dice is R30,000.
Tic Tac Toe You will find three 3x3 grids on your playcard. Each grid will have numbers in all the squares apart from the centre, which is marked ‘FREE’ and can be used as any number. You win prizes by matching three numbers in a line – horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Create seven or more lines across the three games to win the maximum R10,000.
Four Siya Wina A grid of 36 numbers will be displayed on your playcard and you have to create lines of four in a row to win prizes by matching them to the numbers on your receipt. Match 12 lines to win the R100,000 jackpot.
Golden Vault Inside each of the four vaults on your playcard will be eight numbers. If the numbers on your receipt match all of the numbers across all four vaults, you will receive the top prize of R100,000. You can also receive prizes just for matching one complete vault.
Soccer League In the online Soccer League game, you will see a series of football matches displayed on a virtual soccer field. Select the icons for each team one by one or hit ‘Scratch All’ to reveal it all by once. If the home team’s score is greater than the away team’s, you win the associated prize. The top prize for the R5 game is R75,000.
Hav a Break Hav a Break is a culinary-themed game which has a smiling chef as the main character. Select ‘Serve Hot’ and six dishes will be revealed one by one. Match three of the same dishes to win the prize amount and a message will pop up on-screen if you are a winner. You can spend R3, R5 or R10 to play, and win up to R150,000.


Learn more about Eaziwin through these frequently asked questions. If you want to know more about playing other lotteries, go to the general FAQs page.

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+ How old do I have to be to play Eaziwin?

You must be at least 18 years of age to play Eaziwin games.

+ When can I buy Eaziwin playcards?

You can play Eaziwin games whenever you can find a licensed lottery retailer that is open. Most stores are open between the hours of 08:00 and 18:30, but this may vary.

There is no sales cut-off for Eaziwin games online, so you can play at any time.

+ How much do Eaziwin games cost?

There is no set ticket cost for Eaziwin games. Some allow you to choose how much to wager; in those cases, the more you bet, the bigger the potential prizes. The most you can spend on Eaziwin in one transaction is R2,000.

+ Can I get a refund on an Eaziwin entry?

Due to the instant nature of the games, refunds will not be offered on Eaziwin playcards unless your receipt was misprinted. In these cases the playcard and receipt in question will be returned to Ithuba for investigation and you may be reimbursed the cost of the playcard. If the information on your Eaziwin receipt is damaged or unclear, you may request another Eaziwin game from the retailer.

If you play Eaziwin online, you will not be eligible for any refunds.