National Lottery Raffle

The South Africa National Lottery Raffle is a special draw that takes place several times a year. It launched on Friday 30th December 2016, with 1,560 lucky players winning guaranteed prizes ranging from R1,000 to one of 15 state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolets.

How to Play Raffle

Each player receives a unique code that is randomly generated through a quick play system. Tickets cost R20 each and players are welcome to purchase as many entries as they would like prior to the draw.

Raffle tickets go on sale 60 days before a draw. Sales end when the last raffle number is sold and the prizes will be paid out to those who match the winning codes, much like a traditional raffle.

Raffle Prizes and Odds of Winning

The number of prizes varies from draw to draw. In the most recent draw, on Saturday 30th December 2017, there were 25 Mini Cooper convertibles to be won as well as over R5 million in cash prizes. A full prize breakdown for the latest draw can be found below:

Prize Prize Value Number of Prizes Winning Odds Amount Paid Percentage of Sales Percentage of Payout
Mini Convertible Car, Model F57 Cooper Convertible R365,000 25 60,000 R9,125,000 30.42% 60.80%
Mid-Tier R10,000 300 5,000 R3,000,000 10% 20%
Lower-Tier R2,500 1,150 1,304 R2,875,000 9.58% 19.20%
Total 1,1475 1,017 R15,000,000 50% 100%

Where to Buy Raffle Tickets

Tickets for the draw are available to buy online or from any authorised South Africa National Lottery retailer throughout the country and are available to players aged 18 and over. The sales period begins at least 60 days early and continues until the day of the draw, or until all the tickets are sold.

Claiming Raffle Prizes

Following the draw, players can check their tickets online or at any South Africa National Lottery retailer. Winning players are encouraged to collect their prizes from the following outlets:

Prize Where to Claim
R1,000 All authorised lottery retailers
R10,000 ITHUBA National Lottery authorised payments centres
R100,000 ITHUBA National Lottery regional offices
Jackpot Prizes ITHUBA National Lottery regional offices

Past National Lottery Raffle Prizes

The prizes on offer will vary for each new Raffle game.

Results for the Raffle draw on Saturday 30th December 2017 can be found here, along with the prize information below:

Prizes Number of Prizes
Mini Cooper Convertible 25
R10,000 300
R2,500 1,150

The prizes for the first game on Friday 30th December 2016 are listed below, along with the number of each prize available and the odds of winning:

Prizes Number of Prizes Winning Odds
Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet 15 1 in 133,333
R100,000 45 1 in 44,444
R10,000 500 1 in 4,000
R1,000 1,000 1 in 2,000
Total 1,560 1 in 1,282