Lottery Jackpots Cannot Be Claimed Until After Lockdown

Lottery Jackpots Cannot Be Claimed Until After Lockdown

Ithuba, the operator of South Africa’s National Lottery, has confirmed that due to the coronavirus crisis and the lockdown currently in force, lottery jackpots cannot be claimed until lockdown restrictions are lifted. 

Lottery tickets are still available in stores but the National Lottery’s offices have been closed to comply with the government’s lockdown measures.In a statement, Ithuba reiterated that players have 365 days from the date of the winning draw to claim, so there will be lots of time to claim once the lockdown is over. 

It went on to say, “We also understand that the winners could be overwhelmed with anxiety, particularly because they have to wait longer than usual before they can claim. We want to assure winners that we are prepared to assist them through a smooth claiming process once we are able to.”

Ithuba also spoke about the decision to allow stores to continue selling lottery tickets. “Our staff have been equipped to continue serving the nation during the lockdown period. We have issued clear communication to all our retail partners, emphasizing the importance of social distancing and hygiene.”

Although tickets are still available in stores, the safer option is to get your lottery tickets online, as this eliminates the need to come into contact with other people during the coronavirus crisis.

South Africa’s lockdown was initially due to end on 16 April but earlier this month President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that it would be extended until the end of April.

Guateng Jackpot Winners Waiting to Claim

There have already been some jackpot winners that will now need to wait to claim their millions. Two anonymous players, who won R16 million between them in the Lotto and Lotto Plus draws on 11 April, will now need to wait to get their hands on the prize money. One of the winners, who purchased a R10 ticket in Letsitele in Guateng, won R10.5 million in the main Lotto draw. The other ticket holder played in Magalieskruin, Pretoria North, and won a R6.3 million Lotto Plus prize on a R80 wager.

Khensani Mabuza, corporate relations executive at Ithuba, said: “We urge the winners to keep their tickets safe, and to secure them by writing their names and ID numbers on the back of them.

“We understand that the winners may be anxious because they have to wait longer than usual before they can claim their money. We ask them to remain patient, bearing in mind all winning tickets have a lifespan of 365 days.”

Published: Wednesday 22nd April 2020

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