Powerball Plus FAQ

Question: When do the Powerball Plus draws take place?
Powerball Plus draws are held twice a week on Tuesday and Friday nights at around 9.00pm, just after the main Powerball draw. A full prize breakdown containing the number of winners is available online after the draw.

Question: What time do Powerball Plus ticket sales close?
Powerball and Powerball Plus tickets can be bought from authorised retailers in South Africa up to 8.30pm on Tuesday and Friday evenings.

Question: How do I win Powerball Plus Prizes?
In every Powerball Plus draw there are nine possible ways to win, from matching just the Powerball to land R5 up to scooping the jackpot for matching all five of the main numbers drawn plus the Powerball number.

Question: I do not live in South Africa. Can I still play Powerball Plus?
No. Powerball Plus is only available through offline retailer operating across South Africa.

Question: How long do I have to claim a prize?
Powerball Plus prizes expire after 365 days. If a prize is unclaimed after this time, 50 percent of the money is transferred to good causes.

Question: What is the minimum age I have to be to play Powerball Plus?
You must be at least 18 years of age to buy Powerball or Powerball Plus tickets.

Question: Are Powerball Plus prizes taxable?
All Powerball Plus prizes are awarded as a lump sum, but players from outside of South Africa should contact a tax expert for advice in the case of a large win, as you may be responsible for taxes depending on your location.

Question: Does Powerball Plus have a rollover limit or jackpot cap?
Powerball Plus does not have a specified jackpot cap so the top prize will keep rolling over until it is won, at the discretion of the operator.

Question: When is the next Powerball Plus draw?
Tuesday 18th June.

Question: What does the Powerball Plus jackpot currently stand at?