New Pick 3 Game Launches With Two Draws A Day

New Pick 3 Game Launches With Two Draws A Day
Updated: Friday 24th July 2020

Pick 3, a new game from, has been introduced to give you another opportunity to bet for prizes. This online version of the game puts you in control of how you play and even how much you bet, and is available to play twice every day.

It’s very different to other games available in South Africa such as Lotto, PowerBall, Daily Lotto or Sportstake, providing a fresh option for anyone who wants to try another format. 

In Pick 3, you are only selecting from numbers between 0 and 9. The same number can appear more than once, though, so there are 1,000 different combinations to choose from. You can decide how you want to arrange your numbers.

The order of the winning numbers is crucial if you elect to play a Straight bet. With this type of wager, all three of your digits must match up to the three winning numbers in exactly the same places. 

However, there are other types of bet available too. With a Box bet, you can match the numbers in any order and you win. If you opt for a Straight/Box, half of the bet is played as a Straight and half as a Box, so you can win both prizes combined or just the Box if your numbers come up in a different order.

A Combo bet is where all the Straight combinations of your three digits are entered separately. You can even play a Front Pair or a Back Pair, where you only have to match the first two numbers or last two numbers in order to win. Go to the Pick 3 page to learn more about the different play types.

Another feature of Pick 3 is that you can decide how much to bet. The base amount is just €0.50 for most of the play types, but you can also wager €1 if you prefer to try and win the largest prizes. For a €0.50 Straight bet, for example, the payout is €250. For a successful €1 bet, you receive €500.

Draws take place at 14:00 and 19:00 every day. It is available exclusively online so you won’t find any bet slips at your local retailer. The advantage of playing online is that you will always be notified if you win a prize. Not just that, the money will be paid straight into your account. Have a go at Pick 3 now to see if you win a prize, then check the results after every draw.

Published: Friday 24th July 2020

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