Johannesburg Woman Claims R126 Million PowerBall Jackpot

Johannesburg Woman Claims R126 Million PowerBall Jackpot
Updated: Wednesday 1st June 2022

The winner of a huge R126 million PowerBall jackpot has insisted she is not a ‘splashy spender’ and won’t be buying any Ferraris, after coming forward to claim the prize.

The lucky player matched all the numbers - 2, 14, 19, 24 and 39, plus the PowerBall 9 - in the draw on 20 May. She has wasted no time in staking her claim, although the reality of the win has yet to fully sink in.

It has been revealed that she is from Florida, Johannesburg, but she is not being named to protect her safety. She felt it was her spirit of ‘gratitude and giving’ that led to her good fortune.

“I am yet to digest the news, I need time to re-evaluate the situation and apply my mind,” she said as she collected her winnings.

She was alerted to the big jackpot by a running friend and kept the ticket in her purse after she bought it. Since discovering the win, she has given a lot of thought to what she will do with the money.

“We plan to keep a very low profile, with our feet on the ground. My partner and I are very conservative people, we are not splashy big spenders, so there will be no Ferraris,” she said.

“We have been looking for property for quite some time, so this will now help us to fast track the process, as our current living situation is not ideal.”

She added: “We will definitely travel the world as well once the dust has settled. A portion of the winnings will go towards supporting an NGO of my choice.”

The winner also revealed that she would continue to play the lottery every week to help support charities.

The PowerBall jackpot is currently worth R21 million, and you can keep an eye on the latest results straight after draws take place every Tuesday and Friday night.

Published: Wednesday 1st June 2022

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