Here’s Why Daily Lotto Is One of South Africa’s Most Popular Lotteries

Here’s Why Daily Lotto Is One of South Africa’s Most Popular Lotteries
Updated: Wednesday 5th February 2020

Daily Lotto is the only lottery in South Africa that turns players into winners every day of the week. The game was introduced on 10 March 2019, giving players the opportunity to test their luck every day for a chance at winning a guaranteed prize pool.

It has quickly become one of South Africa’s most popular lottery games, with over R224 million paid out in prize money in 2019. Read up on some of the reasons why it has become so popular in such a short space of time.

Draws every day

The fact that Daily Lotto is played every day of the week is one of its biggest selling points. The idea that one’s luck could change from one day to the next for just a small price is enough to pique anyone’s interest. 

Other National Lottery games in South Africa are also played regularly – most of them twice a week – but none with the regularity of Daily Lotto. That’s why so much prize money has been given away in the short space of time that the game has been available. With potentially millions of rand on offer every day, there are lots of chances to win big.

Guaranteed payouts

Daily Lotto’s jackpot is generated from a portion of that day’s ticket sales, unlike weekly draws that build up over the week. Jackpots in other games, such as PowerBall, roll over if no clear winner comes forward. With the daily draw, however, the prize money is guaranteed to be given away and, what’s more, winning the jackpot is not solely reserved for a match of five numbers. 

If no winners come forward with all five numbers in a particular draw, the jackpot rolls down to be shared by players with the next highest number of matches on that day.

Thus, even a ticket holder with a match of three or four numbers can walk away with a substantial sum – as was the case with the first ever Daily Lotto draw. None of the tickets purchased for the draw matched five of the winning numbers. As a result, the 57 individuals who each held tickets with four matching numbers shared the jackpot of R114,353. Each took home R2,006 that day. Such is the nature of the Daily Lotto.

Many ways to play

The lure of the daily draws are only enhanced by the convenience of playing. While traditionalists may still prefer to use the in-store method of playing the game - blotting out their favourite numbers on a betslip – Daily Lotto has progressed into the digital age. 

Those with access to the internet can place their bets online by simply navigating to the lottery website, depositing the price of a ticket into a personal lottery account, and using the online boards to select the numbers they wish to play. Playing online offers the benefit of ensuring tickets are never lost, and players receive convenient notifications about their success in the game. Not to mention, one can play from anywhere, provided there is web access.

Taking their commitment to player convenience one step further, the National Lottery has also partnered with South African banks, providing even more options for playing. Several banks in South Africa allow their customers to play Daily Lotto directly from their website or app, using funds from their bank account.

Whether working long hours, or a 9-5 job, it’s easier than ever to play Daily Lotto.  The draw takes place at 21:00 every evening, and the deadline for ticket purchases is fixed at 30 minutes before the draw, allowing enough time for loyal players to place their bets throughout the day, or after hours. It’s no wonder Daily Lotto is fast becoming one of South Africa’s most popular lotteries.

Published: Wednesday 5th February 2020

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