The Top South African Lottery Winner Success Stories

Have you ever dreamed of winning big in the lotto? Can you imagine collecting your millions of dollars, cashing out on a mansion, and living large for the rest of your life? Well, you're not alone: almost 40% of the population in South Africa plays the lottery hoping to win the big bucks!

These aren't pipe dreams either. Real people across South Africa win the lottery on a regular basis. Keep reading to find out about some of the most amazing success stories in South African Lottery history.

Secret Lottery Winners

Let's start this story off with the truth: Stewart Becker isn't this lotto winner's real name. In fact, none of the names on this list are the winners' real names.

Why? Well, imagine yourself in their shoes. You've just won millions of dollars. Your name is suddenly published in the paper, is on the news and all over the media. People begin to bombard you with requests for money, for help with their bills, for a new car. How would you handle those requests? Even if you wanted to give some of your winnings away, how would you choose who to give the money to?

Most lotto winners try to keep their win a secret, or at least their name hidden from the public eye to avoid being accosted with requests like these, or to protect themselves against scams and people who wish to steal their winnings.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's get back to Mr. Becker. In 2015, Stewart Becker was living paycheck to paycheck. He needed help from charity, friends, and family in order to stay afloat.

He was running a failing fish and chips business with his ex, he had no car, and had to move back in with his mom.

That all changed when he won R7m in the lotto. This isn't that much money compared to other huge payouts, but Mr. Becker made it work wonders for him.

While some lotto winners have no idea how to handle money and throw it all away on extravagant purchases, Mr. Becker is a businessman at heart. He knew exactly how to handle and invest his money to make the most of it in the years after his win.

He now maintains his fortune while driving an Audi, going on vacations in tropical paradises, and is planning to buy his own private island. Not too shabby.

Public Servant from Limpopo

Here, we have another story similar to Mr. Becker's. After playing the lotto for over 15 years, much to the displeasure of his wife, this man from Limpopo won a whopping R87 million from a PowerBall draw in July 2016.

The craziest part? He bought the ticket only 15 minutes before the deadline for that drawing.

Like Mr. Becker, this man is also staying humble. He hasn't given out his name or bought any extravagant items, and he hasn't even quit his job as a public servant! He plans to donate to charities and invest the money to maintain his wealth.

Man from Gauteng

Imagine receiving a text message saying that you just won R70 million. Wouldn't you think that your phone had been hacked or that someone was trying to scam you?

This man from Gauteng had those same thoughts before realizing the text message he received was legitimate. Like the man from Limpopo, this multimillionaire had been playing the lotto for years: 18 to be exact!

That dedication finally paid off for him with his Powerball win. He was the sole jackpot winner in a draw in January 2018, which resulted in his huge prize.

After his win, he was offered financial planning and counselling sessions by the South African National Lottery to help him come to terms with life as a multimillionaire and to help him plan what he would do with the money.

He says that he doesn't want to squander his winnings on unnecessary purchases. He wants to pay off his debts, pay for his children's schooling, and invest to build his wealth.

27-year-old Winner

Paul Williams is a fake name used by a 27-year-old winner of millions. But Paul takes his secrecy a step further: he barely spends any of his winnings, doesn't tell many people about the win, and even keeps it a secret from his partner!

He says the only people who know about his winnings are his mom and sister. He continues to keep a low profile by keeping his same job, driving a used car, wearing casual clothes, and resisting the urge to spend, spend, spend.

Because of this, he still has over R20 million in the bank, years after his big win!

Shoe Ticket

There seems to be a trend to these successful lotto winners: humility and a down-to-earth lifestyle.

The same is true for the last winner on our list. This man was only making about R750 per week working various odd jobs when he decided to splurge R20 on a lottery ticket.

When he won, he immediately put the ticket in his shoe to keep it safe. As with the others on this list, he didn't have extravagant or ridiculous plans for the money.

Instead, he wanted to pay his debts, build his family a house, and move to Johannesburg to provide his children with the best education possible.

The South African Lottery Can Change Lives!

Each of these men found luck on their side when they hit the South African Lottery jackpot. But take notes hearing their stories.

They all were smart with their money and found ways to use the wealth to make their lives better without spending it all on fancy clothes or unnecessary purchases. They paid off their debts, invested their money, and focused on the important things in life.

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