Quick Tips to Win the South Africa Lottery

Everyone dreams of winning the lottery and having enough money to be set for life. Whether you'd be responsible and pay off debts and bills, or you'd rather have fun and spend the cash on luxuries like yachts and convertibles, the sky's the limit if you win the lottery.

Although it may seem like a pipe dream, it doesn't hurt to spend a little bit of your extra money on the lottery. It can be fun to play, and you might just get lucky.

To help tip the scales in your favour, we've come up with some tips and advice on playing the South Africa lottery.

Tips to Make You a Winner

While you can't influence the outcome of the lotto numbers, you can play in such a way that you aren't guaranteeing a loss. Below, we give you some strategies you can use when deciding on your lotto numbers.

Study Lotto Statistics

The numbers that come up for the lotto are randomly drawn, which means the whole game is left up to chance. But that doesn't mean you can't analyze the statistics accumulated over the years.

When you take a look at the most (and least) commonly drawn numbers, it can give you a good idea of what numbers you should favour and which you should avoid. Statistics pages go into great detail and include drawings from since the game started, so you can get a good feel for what numbers will work better for you.

Pick Both Even and Odd Numbers

When you look at the history of the South Africa lottery, you'll see that drawings of all even or all odd numbers are extremely rare. In fact, statistics show it's only happened in 3% of drawings. By including both even and odd numbers in your selection, you’ll have probability on your side.

Pick Both Low and High Numbers

Not only do the drawings of numbers span even and odd numbers, but they also range from low to high numbers. Just like with odd and even drawings, all low or all high drawings are very rare. Put yourself one step closer to those winnings by choosing numbers all over your lotto card.

Have a "Balanced" Total for Your Chosen Numbers

Studies have shown that in the majority of winning drawings, the sums of all the numbers fall between 122 and 196.

So after you pick out your set, quickly add them up and see if they're in that range. If so, you may just be the next South Africa lotto winner!

Check Previous Losing Numbers

Take a look at the statistics to see which numbers haven’t been drawn for a while. Probability states that all numbers will be drawn the same number of times eventually, so if a certain number has gone a long time without appearing, it may be worth choosing it the next time you play.

Avoid Picking the Same Numbers as Previous Winners

Yes, those numbers were lucky for that winner, but they’re highly unlikely to be lucky for you. The odds of the same exact set of numbers being picked again are so low you might as well count it as impossible.

It may be tempting to try to ride the coattails of a winner, but trust us, you'd be throwing money down the drain if you go down that route.