EuroMillions FAQ

Question: When do EuroMillions draws take place?
EuroMillions draws are held twice a week in Paris on Tuesday and Friday evenings at 21.30 CET.

Question: What time do ticket sales for EuroMillions close?
Ticket sales through retailers close at approximately 20:30 CET.

Question: How do I play EuroMillions?
You just have to pick five main numbers between 1 and 50 and two Lucky Stars between 1 and 12, and you can buy tickets either online or by visiting an authorised retailer in one of the participating countries. Click on the How to Play EuroMillions page for more information.

Question: Does EuroMillions have a guaranteed minimum jackpot amount?
Yes. The guaranteed minimum jackpot is €17 million.

Question: How do I win playing Euromillions?
There are a total of thirteen prize tiers with prizes available for matching just two main numbers or more. To win the jackpot a player must match all five main numbers plus the two Lucky Stars.

Question: What are the odds of winning EuroMillions?
The odds of winning the EuroMillions jackpot are 1 in 139,838,160. The odds of winning any prize are 1 in 13.

Question: What is the biggest EuroMillions jackpot ever won?
There have been two instances when EuroMillions has reached its jackpot cap of €190 million and each time the top prize has been won on a single ticket. Adrian and Gillian Bayford from the UK were the first to win this amount (paid out as £148.6 million) on August 10th 2012, and a Portuguese player also won €190 million on 24th October 2014.

Question: If I win, how long do I have to claim a prize?
Your ticket is valid for 180 days and winnings not claimed within this period will expire.
Winnings for tickets purchased through online will automatically be deposited into your online account. This facility ensures that all winnings are claimed well within the allotted time and do not run the risk of expiring. In the event of a large win, a representative from the online lottery service will contact the player directly and guide them through the claims process.

Question: How old do I have to be to play EuroMillions?
The minimum age for playing EuroMillions varies between 16 and 18 depending on which participating country you purchase your tickets in. Players playing online must be aged over 18 years old.

Question: Are winnings on EuroMillions taxed?
The majority of participating EuroMillions countries do not tax winnings but there are currently three exceptions - Spain, Portugal and Switzerland. The tax liability of an individual will depend on the regulations in their country of residence and their personal circumstances. As this is a complex area, we would suggest seeking independent advice from an international tax expert if necessary.

Question: Does EuroMillions have a rollover limit or jackpot cap?
Yes. The EuroMillions jackpot has a cap of €190 million. Once this amount is reached, the jackpot can only stay at €190 million for four draws before it has to be won. If nobody matches all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars after the fourth draw, then the jackpot fund will be shared between winning players in the next highest prize tier.

Question: Changes were made to EuroMillions in September 2016 – what’s new?
The number of Lucky Stars increased from 11 to 12, the minimum jackpot went from €15 million to €17 million and the cost of tickets changed as a number of new rules came into effect in September 2016. Superdraws also now offer a guaranteed top prize of €130 million (approximately £100 million), up from €100 million.

A new supplementary game, called European Millionaire Maker, was also introduced in September 2016. This special raffle will be held a couple of times a year and will guarantee to create multiple millionaires across the continent in a single night. Everyone who buys a ticket for the EuroMillions draw on that evening in any of the nine participating countries will be eligible to enter the game.

Participating countries also made their own changes to provide extra excitement for ticket holders. In the UK, for example, two players are now guaranteed to win £1 million in every draw rather than the previous one, Mega Week has replaced Mega Friday to create even more millionaires and a UK Monthly Bonus Draw has been introduced to give ticket holders an extra chance to play for an additional prize pot of £1 million.

Question: How much does a EuroMillions ticket cost?
The cost of a single EuroMillions ticket depends on the country where you play. See the table:

Country Cost per ticket
Austria €2.20
Belgium €2.50
France €2.50
Ireland €2.50
Luxembourg €2.50
Portugal €2.50
Spain €2.50
Switzerland CHF3.50
UK £2.50